Intermedia Jam

The intermedia jam was an end to a culmination of history learned and acquired in this class. Entering the space, I was transported to a place that brought together our favorite elements of the course with artifacts and memories that were significant to our learning. These memories were brought into the space with audio clips our class had recorded, photos that our class had taken, and showings of our work and others’ through viewings. All of this added to the physicalization of the word “intermedia” and what it means to me.

To me, intermedia is a way of portraying of the world. I feel that the importance of inclusivity to intermedia, and the importance of identities is something that is salient to what I have learned throughout this class. Intermedia is not only a reflection but a form of communication.


The order of events and my jam thoughts are as follows:

Voices from history: Text technologized becomes reimagined through remixing. I remember recording my audio clip, choosing a section from readings and writings that interested me, and bringing that history closer to the present by vocalizing it.

A pile of flashbacks: A way to grasp onto fleeting memories and hold them into place.It was amazing to see these moments with such color and intensity in a physical form.

Movement memory solos: Traces of intermedia are in my head but there are also traces left in my body.

Video feedback loop: One of the first activities we did in class, play with cameras and projection in a way to portray the subject of ourselves, our world. An effect that creates a kaleidoscope of an image, the video feedback loop is one of my favorite discoveries about technology in this class.

Portrait of intermedia: Reading through other’s “Intermedia is…” statements, I am confirming for myself how multifaceted the field is. Everyone has different feelings and thoughts about what they have learned and how it has affected them.

Our work our histories: Each group was given the same prompts to create our studies, but the bodies of work that resulted were so different. Our last study focused around interactivity and participation, and a dinner party came out as our result.

Textures all around us: A crowd-favorite for an element from previous studies to bring into this jam – a tent that had various textures projected onto its structure. It reminded me of a moment with my group, being surrounded by textures while reviewing which we wanted to use in our second study.

Viewings: It is nice to know that what we have created in this class has been recorded, and can now live with this web of work. Through viewing other’s work, I am again reminded of the seemingly limitless possibilities that can be created through intermedia.

Intermedia was not what I had expected it to be, but I am glad I opened my mind to the ability to create and compose in a non-traditional sense. The work that I have created in class would not have been able without the resources from this class – not only the technology, but the knowledge gathered from viewings, readings, and learning from my peers.

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