My 2016 Resolutions

With a New Year comes the New Year Resolutions, and I have decided to post some of mine to this blog to act as a reminder for me to carry them out.

  1. Health/Fitness – Last year, I feel that my fitness level declined since I started college. The amount of activity that I was doing was only the amount that was required for class – the minimum. With the gym right outside of my dorm, I am aiming to make an effort to workout there before my classes start at least three times a week. Hopefully by making this effort I can increase my energy level and warm my body before my dance class of the morning while of course increasing my stamina and strength while hopefully decreasing my weight.
  2. Career/Performance – My summer will be divided into two parts – the first half will be for school and the second will be for dance. I want to go to a dance intensive but I am currently unsure of which to do, but I do know that I will have to prepare an audition tape and application. My goal is to go into the spring semester with questions about summer dance intensives and seek help with applying. I also plan to try for as many performance opportunities as possible for next fall semester. I was not able to audition for the spring concert because of my class schedule, and I may run into that problem again next fall. However, I was still able to perform in the MFA pieces, and I hope to be involved in more opportunities like those.
  3. Financial – One goal is to make more money than I spend. I want to cut out buying unless the item is required and cut out spending unless it is for a social event. I also want to set a goal of applying to as many school scholarships as possible. Unfortunately many scholarships will not extend past my freshman year in college, so I must devote my time to essay writing and applying for a financially successful sophomore year.
  4. Social – As an introverted person going out to parties and spending time in with large groups of people makes me slightly uncomfortable; I would rather sit in my room with my laptop. My introverted nature, however, is no excuse for me to be anti-social. I think the only person who I talk to regularly is my sister; I rarely text or call others; and if it weren’t for school, I do not think that I would have contact with anyone. I want to build stronger relationships with the people that I know, and I will try to do that by reaching out to others and developing myself more socially.
  5. Creative – I want to choreograph more and document what I create. I know that I will definitely be choreographing for assignments in my composition class, but I hope to get in the studio when I feel inspired. I want to set a goal of reading more; I used to be an avid reader, but the realm of YouTube has me consuming more video content than literature. I want to read a book at least once a month – a small goal compared to my achieved past goal of reading 100 books in a year. Lastly, I want to set a goal of posting more content to this blog that is not school assignment-related. This is the first and will not be the last.

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