Somebody or Nobody? Everybody and Anybody? The states of existing on this earth are distinct, but let’s face it: I’m a Nobody, you’re a Nobody, and all of us are Nobodies. When compared to any population, the Everybody, you and I as insignificant as our Earth in our galaxy; a tiny speck that means nothing in the grand scheme of the universe. Being a Nobody is easy, and I’ve become pretty skilled at it in my time alive. The tactics of being silent in the shadows and going unnoticed most of the time come naturally to me; you might even say I do it subconsciously. I’m always that girl who you can’t quite remember the name of but you know you’ve seen before – a body in space that doesn’t really matter. Since I’d consider myself a pretty good Nobody, I can teach you some simple tricks on how to feel like this too.

To become a Nobody, there is one simple thing you have to do and that is to do nothing; contribute nothing, create nothing, be nothing. Your efforts don’t really matter, so why try?

Also, despite popular controversy, Nobodies can be a part of the Everybody, too. It is not a group exclusive to the Somebodies and Anybodies; Everybody is rather inclusive. We are all just bodies at are base, and therefore can be a part of the Everybody – even if the only thing we contribute to the group is a number.

One of the most important things for a Nobody to keep in mind is to be wary of becoming an Anybody. Anybodies are the ones who have potential to do something. In reality, all bodies have potential to do anything and everything, but you must suppress this urge in fear of becoming a Somebody.

The enemy of a Nobody is a Somebody; they are the absolute opposite to what us Nobodies stand for. Somebodies are the ones in this world who contribute and create, make the most of what little talents they have and offer them to the world. Yes, every single one of them helped create the setting we are in today; for example, invented the iPhone, and Somebody is the president of this great nation, but none of that really matters if you’re a Nobody. We inhibit the space and only exist – influencing is not in the role description of what a Nobody does.

Many Somebodies have told me that, admittedly, they still felt like a Nobody despite doing everything they could to give out and impact the world. That feeling, that realization, is evidence as to why Nobodies are the only true existing state. And it’s fine that if after trying to be a Somebody you still end up feeling like a Nobody. We all know that in the grand scheme of things, everyone is a Nobody at their base form. The only difference between being a Somebody and a Nobody is that a Somebody tries, and that is what we despise the most.

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